Epson XP

The Epson XP printers are the perfect color ink-jet printers. The XP series is known for its efficiency. Designed specifically for the home to cater to the printing of documents for kids, college assignments and other personal documents, the Epson XP is the best.

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Epson XP wireless Setup

Epson XP Connectivity mode

The Epson printer comes with various options to connect the printer either to a network or to another device.

Epson XP Wireless Setup

When it comes to connecting the Epson XP printer to a network, it can go wireless. All that you will need is an active wireless connection, the credentials and the connection can be made. It doesn’t limit you to using one option.

Epson XP USB Setup

For instant connection, one option that can connect the printer to a network is the USB option. This method is quick and instant. All that you would need is a USB cable connecting the device and the printer.

Epson XP Printer Models

Epson XP-970 Driver
Epson XP-5100 Driver
Epson XP-6100 Driver
Epson XP-7100 Driver
Epson XP-15000 Driver
Epson XP-4100 Driver
Epson XP-8600 Driver
Epson XP-4105 Driver
Epson XP-6000 Driver
Epson XP-8700 Driver

Should you have any areas of issues with the setup, installation or troubleshooting, give us a call and our experts will help you.

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